Welcome to the Future

Greeting Martians!
We’re breaking radio silence to relaunch this site. Pirates of Mars has gone through some big changes this year. We’ve transitioned from being a webcomic into a monthly comic book series available on comiXology.com. This is a pretty big deal for us but it means that Veronica and I can deliver new stories on a regular schedule. We’re pretty excited about it. The first three issue arc of PIRATES OF MARS: LOVE & REVENGE is available for sale now.

vol1-1-cover vol1-2-cover vol1-3-cover

So what’s the future hold? Coming in June is the collection of volume 1 but in July is a bonus issue called PIRATES OF MARS: EXTRA LOOT. It’s a lot of behind the scenes content from Veronica and I but it includes a BRAND NEW 8 page story. This is a teaser because in August we have issue #1 (of 5) of PIRATES OF MARS: GODS & MONSTERS. This is the new story arc which picks up where LOVE & REVENGE left off.

So what should you expect to see on this site? In addition to sneak peaks of upcoming issues, we’ll be going into a lot more background of the universe of Pirates of Mars and a bit of how the comic gets made. I spend far too much time world building in my head so this way I can call it “making content” instead of “daydreaming while in line at the DMV”.

So suit up and tool up, Martians! It’s pirating for fun and profit time.

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