Pulp Adventure

Pulp is not high art. It can’t afford the rent. There were no wealthy supporters to water it with cash. No Medici or papal patronage for the Boroughs and Howards of the world. No nobility lauded upon it for speaking to the condition of man. Pulp had to sing for its supper. It spun you into exotic worlds populated by the monsters we feared and the heroes we wanted to be. The only goal being to present fantasy for your enjoyment in the desperate struggle for its own survival. No existential enlightenment. No commentary on society. Pulp exists to entertain you.

Pirates of Mars is a graphic novel transformed into a web comic serialization. For the next year, we will be serving up our first volume Love & Revenge every Monday and Thursday. It is written by myself and illustrated by the ridiculously talented Veronica Hebard.

We hope you are entertained.

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